We license approximately 60 animation works Tezuka was involved in the production, including his well-known titles such as Astro Boy, Black Jack and Jungle Emperor Leo as well as his artistic experimental animation films.
Some of the popular titles are now available as digitally re-mastered editions.
We also manage animation works produced by creators other than Tezuka.

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Representative Works

Animation - ANIMATION -
Astro Boy <1963, 1980, 2003, 2009>
Tales of a Street Corner <1963>
Jungle Emperor Leo <1965, 1966, 1989, 1997, 2009>
(a.k.a Kimba the White Lion)
The Amazing 3 <1965>
Goku's Great Adventure <1967>
Princess Knight <1967>
A Thousand and One Night <1969>
Dororo <1969>
Marvelous Melmo <1971>
Triton of the Sea <1972, 1979>
Bander Book <1978>
Marine Express <1979>
Phoenix <1980, 2004>
Fumoon <1980>
Bremen 4 <1981>
Prime Rose <1983>
The Legend of Forest Part-1 <1987>
Blue Blink <1989>
In the Beginning -The Bible Stories-<1990>
The Three - Eyed One <1990>
Black Jack <1993, 1996, 2004, 2006>
Astro Boy <2018>


Astro Boy (1980) - 52 x 25 min -


In A.D. 2030, in the Tokyo megalopolis, Astro Boy, created by Dr. Tenma, the director of the Ministry of Science, fights for justice against Atlas, a super android installed with the “omega factor,” a circuit that makes it possible to have a human heart. Atlas, who has driven his creator Baron Walpul Giss to ruin, develops his powers and becomes a stronger robot,establishes a secret base called “Crystal,” and challenges Astro Boy to a fight.

Black Jack - 63 x 25 min -

Black Jack

Black Jack, an illegal doctor with outstanding surgical abilities, saves patients in serious conditions in exchange for tremendous service fees. Is he just evil or the man who has the hands of God? The medical human drama series revolving around Black Jack and people around him draw in an audience compellingly.

The Three-Eyed One - 48 x 25 min -

The Three-eyed One

Hosuek Sharaku is a survivor of a three-eyed tribe that once built an ancient civilization. He usually looks like an innocent child with a patch on his forehead, but once the patch comes off to reveal his third eye, he is transformed into a wild hero. This is an amazing adventure romance in which Sharaku challenges ancient mysteries with his psychic power and ancient wisdom.

Princess Knight / Princess Sapphire - 52 x 25 min-

Princess Knight

Sapphire, the princess of Silver Land, is born with both boy's and girl's hearts thanks to a young angel in training Tink's mischief. Sapphire, actually a girl, is raised as a boy because only a man is allowed to become the King in the country. On the other hand, Duke Jeralmin, an evil man who has ambition to take over the throne, schemes to disclose the true identity of Sapphire. She disguises herself as Princess Knight and fights for justice to wipe out the evil residing in Silver land.

Jungle Emperor Leo (a.k.a Kimba the White Lion) - 52 x 25 min-

Jungle Emperor Leo (a.k.a. Kimba the White Lion)

The story starts in the jungle right on the equator in Africa. Panja, the white lion worshiped as the emperor of the jungle is killed by hunters while his wife, Eliza is captured and sent to the zoo by ship. In the ship, she gives birth to a boy cub and names him Leo. She lets him escape from the ship, telling him to take over the throne as the emperor. Leo comes back to Africa, where he matures as the emperor through his encounters with people and various animals.

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